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Getting There

Fly to Dili East Timor from Bali, Singapore or Darwin. You can get a 1 month tourist visa at the airport for $30US

Road in with Ramelau in background30US.

Hato Builico is about 100km South of Dili. It is the village on the shoulder of the highest peak in East Timor – Mount Ramelau (3,000 metres). Hato Builico is 28 km from Maubisse, the nearest sizeable town by road.

Don’t be fooled by the distance. Roads in East Timor need to be treated with care and so driving is slow. You will need to allow at least 5hrs driving time… another good reason to stay longer than just one night. You can be driven or can self drive.  Many people stop for lunch in Aileu, where options include dosi (fried snacks from stalls near the market), a quick cheap lunch in a warung, or a slower fancier meal at restaurant Zerhy.

There are a number of transport options and I have listed below the options from cheapest to most expensive:

Bus: There is no bus that goes to HatoBuilico but you can take the bus to Maubisse, Same or Anairo. You can walk from Maubisse or the Hato Builico turn off (see ‘Walk in from Maubisse or the turn off’)

Trucks big and small and or private transport with a spare seat:Go to the road to Maubisse, just up the hill past the end of Hali Laran markets and wait there for a truck going all or part of the way. Note that trucks to Hato Builico do not go every day, and are more likely to go in the morning.

Hire Car: There are a few places to hire cars from in Dili. You will need a four-wheel-drive and expect to pay between $75US-$120US per day. This may or may not include a driver, if you want one.

Drop off: There are tour groups like Mega Tours that will drive you to Hato Builico and then leave. I suggest you organise this a little in advance and for the early morning as then the driver has time to return to Dili and you will only be charged for one day.

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  1. Andrew permalink
    July 30, 2011 10:16 am

    Don’t ever try to get there in a RAV 4. It is not a 4wd.

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